Catering Service Miami & 劳德代尔堡Brulee 食品服务 has established itself as a leader in the South Florida food service industry by delivering the highest quality and freshest meals to clients in the Miami and Ft. 劳德黛尔地区. We are a family-owned company with more than a decade of experience in the industry, and we are constantly looking for innovative and skilled team members to help meet the needs of our clients. 的 foundation of our company was built on our core values, which include great customer service, commitment and responsibility, 卓越, 领导, 团队合作, honesty and integrity.

换句话说, Brulee 食品服务 is more than just another 餐饮服务 and we prove it to our clients each and every day with the services we offer.

Corporate Catering & 食品服务

We understand your company’s image is important. So when you’re hosting an event internally for your employees or inviting clients or other guests, an elegant spread of food with a diverse menu promotes a positive brand profile. Our expertise with corporate catering goes beyond meeting the needs of our clients. 的 attention to detail we provide with every food offering is evident and it’s our goal to ensure every guest is satisfied, no matter their dietary restrictions.

TV & 电影餐饮

的 television and film industry is incredibly fast-paced and things can change in an instant. Brulee 食品服务 understands the challenges and knows how important it is for their 餐饮服务 to be at the top of their game. 在过去, we have navigated through setting up at difficult locations, changes in logistics, larger-than-expected crowds and meeting strict dietary needs perfectly. With more than 60 different menu offerings, we are sure to meet your crew’s needs!

食品服务 On 的 Road

多年来, we have come to realize that not every customer can reach us, so we’ve taken the next step to come see them! 的 mobile food market has grown significantly in recent years, and we have stayed on top of it by creating a customized food truck you may have seen in the Miami and Ft. 劳德黛尔地区. 的 goal is to bring our industry-leading food offerings to you if you can’t come to see us for any reason.

食品服务 顾问 Program

我们还提供 食品服务 顾问, 管理 Program for corporate, cultural and educational institutions. Cost is always one of the top concerns for any organization, and we understand managing cost is essential to your success. Our program involves ensuring every member of your team is working efficiently, safely and within regulations to meet your organization’s goals.

Look no further than Brulee 食品服务 if you are in need of a quality 餐饮服务 for your next event. 的se are just the main services we offer, but we are flexible to meet any specific needs you have. 给我们打电话 305.300.3465 or fill out our online form and a representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.